Minimum stay, two nights

    Effective 11/1/2017

    May and October $110 per night
    Weekly rate $700

    Otherwise, Sunday - Thursday $100.00 per night
    Friday, Saturday and Holidays $110.00 per night
Weekly rate $650

    Maple Festival Weekends $130 per night

    *5.3% VA state tax and a 5% Highland County tax
    not  included in rate.

    To check availability, please use the "availability" button at the
top left of the home page.
The best way to contact us is to e-mail us at:

    Chestnut Cottage
    Check in 3 P.M.
    Check out 11 A.M.
    No pets   No Smoking

    Payment and cancellation policy

    Advance reservations require payment in full, by check or credit
    card, two weeks prior to your stay.  Cancellations are without
    penalty with 14 days prior notice (30 days for Maple Festival).
    Payment by credit card is required for reservations made less
    than 14 days prior to your stay.

    Make checks to: Highland Chestnut Cottage
    Send checks to:  Chestnut Cottage   
    3937 Lyndale Terrace, Richmond Va 23235

    For cancellations with less than 14 days notice (30 days
    for Maple Festival ), we will refund any night we are able to rent
    the cottage to other guests. If we are unable to rent the cottage
    to other guests, there will be no refund.

    Changes to these policies will be posted.

    Last modified November 1, 2018