Excerpts from  the guest book

I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday week-end than to be in
the serene setting of Highland County and the tranquility
of Chestnut Cottage.  Another great visit.  We won't wait until
next year to return to this cozy cottage.
Margaret and Jean, May 2013

Our time here is always so peaceful. If you need a break from reality
this is the place. Thank you so much. We will be back.
Rob and Mary,  June 2013

The week spent here nourished our souls. Such a beautiful place!
Thanks for maintaining Chestnut Cottage.
Roddy and Harriet, June 2013

We love this area and the cottage is so perfect.  We will be back soon.
Thank you for keeping this place available to us poor flat-landers!
Doug and family, July  2013

This is certainly a wonderful retreat from the day-to-day bustle,
very peaceful, scenic and birdy. Nearly two dozen species
for a two-day stay!
Jerry and Sylvia,  August 2013

Another lovely stay at Chestnut Cottage and what a lovely addition,
all the fresh herbs and flowers.  We enjoyed the peace and quiet as always
and the beautiful surroundings of the Blue Grass Valley.
Thank you, Margaret et al for preserving this tranquil hideaway.
Len and Tucker, August, 2013

No computer, no cable, no cell phone! What a great place to relax.  
Thanks for preserving a peaceful retreat.
Ben,  August 2013

Birds were most co-operative. 19 warbler species in the county.
George and Rosemarie,  August, 2013

At night we had our telescope set up in the backyard and saw
spectacular skies. The Milky Way was vibrant. We saw several
shooting stars and located many sky objects.
Alan and May,  September 2013

I love this place!
Julie,  August 2013

We had a restful winter visit. Cold temps and a dusting of snow helped
set the scene for winter adventures. Our goal was to cross country ski in
the  Laurel Falls National Wildlife Refuge area. We found 4" of powder
and a total wilderness experience.
Laurie and Brad,  January 2014

Sunday morning we got up at 3:30 am to see the great Milky Way. Beautiful!
The Marshall Family,  April 2014

It has been such a wonderful and relaxing week.  We couldn't have asked
for a better get-away. This cottage is a true delight.
The Holland Family,  April 2014
There are not enough adjectives to describe the beauty, peace and you come over the mountains and see the valley unfold
in front of you. It is going to be very hard to leave.
Priscilla, May 2014  

My husband and I love coming here.  It just gets better all the time.  If
you ever need a break, this is the place to be.  
Mary Ellen and Rob, June 2014

Our first visit to Chestnut Cottage was totally pleasant.  We discovered
more that we could have imagined.
Thank you for sharing the cottage and for each provision made so
appropriately available.
Bill and Rhoda, June 2014

Celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We enjoyed
being able to disconnect from the world and simply enjoy each other.
Thanks for the relaxing get-away.
Steven and Xochill, October 2014

This has been a perfect New Year, celebrated at Chestnut Cottage.
Thank you Grace and kudos to all of you owners for making this a
home away from home.
Helen and Ken, January  2015

Beautiful time to be at The Chestnut. Just enough snow to make the
hills more beautiful, deer in the fields at sunrise and sunset, incredible
stars at night with the crescent moon, crazy wind, calves being born
and sheep huddling in their wool sweaters.
Julie, February  2015

We had our telescope out each night. The skies are spectacular!
Thank you for providing this wonderful place so we all can enjoy
the beauty of nature.
Alan and Mary, March, 2015

Beautiful, comfy cottage...a little piece of heaven we were looking for.
Kenny, Jennifer, Olivia and Faye, March 2015

We had another wonderful visit. Thanks for a great place like
Chestnut Cottage!
Alan and Mary, October 2015

Our first visit to the cottage.  It was awesome! We took advantage
of the area's sights. Overall, we relaxed and enjoyed the scenery.  
You have a great place.
Jim and Charlene, October, 2015

What a charming and gracious cottage, nestled within this
beautiful, amazing and hidden part of Virginia.
Paul, January 2016

"Maple Sugar" snow fell through the weekend for the Maple Festival.  
Brilliant stars and waxing gibbous moon......peaceful.
Julie, March, 2016

I had a lovely time.  Bird life and the quiet road were a delight.
Thank you so much.
Lucia,  May, 2016

We have enjoyed the peacefulness and wide openness.  
The cottage was beautiful.
Rich and Kathy  May, 2016

Each year we come up to stay.  It just keeps getting better.
Thank you for everything.
Rob and Mary Ellen,  May 2016

We enjoyed our 4th visit here at the cottage.  As always,
it is a treat to come back here.
Rosemarie and George,  June, 2016

Love, love, love it here....very cozy with lots of thoughtful
touches all around.
Leslie, Laura and Meredith,  June 2016

Amazing firefly show! Can't wait to come back again.
Jean and Margaret, July 2016

Lovely cottage, furnishings and appointments. A real treasure
and we admire all  of your efforts in preserving
and sharing such a treasure.
John and Linda, July, 2016

It is charming! Love the scenery....beautiful view of the mountains.
We love this cottage!
Bill and Myra, August, 2016

Have traveled many places, but Highland County and
Blue Grass Valley, to me, are the best.
Paul, August, 2016